The Stay Competitive programme has been developed to help your business stay competitive and succeed. With the challenges of today’s world, it is important to continuously innovate, respond to changing markets and evolve. This interactive programme provides essential business skills and tools to micro and small businesses in 30 economies where the EBRD invests. It is designed to answer your key questions and spark new ideas on how to drive a business forward.

In collaboration with Strive, the EBRD is pleased to present its new e-commerce training toolkit. Enrol today to start growing your online business! This learning path will give you the practical tools you need to generate rapid results. In the challenging 21st century digital marketplace, this training will help small online business owners like yourself learn new ways to grow your online customer base, increase your online sales and profits and boost customer satisfaction. The learning path is composed of ten modules, each featuring interactive videos, exercises and discussion questions to help you learn.

The Know How to… in a Crisis programme has been developed to provide practical information and vital resources on how to manage and survive as a business through crisis situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The programme will provide critical 'know-how' and business tools to micro, and small business in 30 economies where the EBRD invest. They are designed to respond to your key questions and learning needs.